We created the Elevated Kitchen to further the art and science of high altitude baking. As you know, there are oodles of recipe sites on our wonderful world wide web. The Elevated Kitchen seeks to give a resource to all bakers, who live at or visit high altitude locations, by creating a database of recipes tested and perfected at various altitudes.

Ever been interested in when and why baking started, and how it’s evolved? Read more to find out!

Learn all about baking methods, including straight dough, muffin or blending, creaming, and biscuit or rubbing.

If you’ve ever wanted to understand why things happen the way they do when you’re in the kitchen, this section will tell you what you always wanted to know (and a few things you probably never thought about before!)

Learn details about how air pressure and altitude affect baking, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, leavening, milk and cream, thickening agents, chocolate and more!

Do your recipe directions use words you’ve never heard of before? Just curious and looking to learn more about various methods? Use our definition charts to look them up!

Whether you’ve just started baking or have decided to make sure your kitchen is up to date, this list will help you with the basics required to bake in your high altitude kitchen!

Looking to convert a recipe, but aren’t sure of amounts? This page includes conversions for specific ingredients for weight, volume, and measurement.

You may also want to check our our Altitude Calculator!

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“My mom made the cake with the changes from the Elevated Kitchen and it turned out wonderfully!! She is very happy with it and it tastes just as moist as it should. Thank you again for your help!”


“I made my Triple Chocolate cookies with changes from the Elevated Kitchen and they were so soft and fluffy. Best batch I’ve ever made! You rock Elevated Kitchen”

- SReardon